Win a medal at the Paralympic Games!

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Today, the 2 PRP therapy for Toru Suzuki was performed. Suzuki has been continuously awarded as a representative of Japan in Sydney, Athens and Beijing Paralympics.
He is one of the athletes who ran only 2 people in the world with artificial legs and jumped 2 meters with high jump. However, it was considered from pain in the left patella region to retirement.

The 1 PRP therapy dramatically improved pain and resumed training smoothly, and increased the willingness to win a medal again at the London Paralympics.

This treatment was courtesy of Prof. Suzuki, and a workshop was given to former major leaguer trainers, motorsports officials, orthopedists, ballerinas, and people in charge of power plate equipment.

I think that this treatment, which is currently only conducted for top athletes in Japan, will become more popular in the future.

After the workshop, a power plate seminar and a stretch seminar were held.

A social gathering was held around Toru Suzuki who overcomes the handicap and fights the world.

I would like Suzuki to achieve his longing for medal in London.

I'm honored to be able to help people with disabilities with even a little effort.