Scar treatment

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Today, an acquaintance introduced me to treat scars.
I visited this hospital because I was concerned about scars on my face and neck due to traffic injury.

Scars are much more difficult to treat than wounds.

It's hard to get good results.

How important is First Aid ...

The gauze exchange seems to have been painful every day.

Today, gauze is rarely changed daily after wounding.
The reason is not only that it causes pain, but obviously delays healing of the wound.

Disinfection and gauze were commonplace, but both have caused wound healing and are no longer used.

If a scab is formed or if the wound is repeatedly stimulated with gauze, the possibility of scarring and ugly scars increases.

In this case, it is better to use a wound dressing such as hydrocolloid instead of gauze so that the granulation is formed normally so that the wound is not dried by wet conditions.

However, the remaining scars

1: Vitamin C derivative introduced

2: Combination therapy with fractional laser and growth factor introduction

3: Hyaluronic acid injection

May outperform plastic surgery.

In any case, the initial initial treatment is important for wounds.