High concentration vitamin C drip

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High-concentration vitamin C infusion is used for anti-aging and malignant tumor treatment.
I have been paying attention to this treatment 10 years ago and have been administering it to my father-in-law who had been suffering from lung cancer by importing high-concentration vitamin C from the United States.
At that time, there were probably 1-2 doctors other than me in Japan for clinical trials and personal purposes. At present, we import products manufactured and sold by multiple manufacturers.
Mexican products are also famous. Currently, 25 grams or 25000 mg is being administered.
I myself have been experimenting with occasional doses to see the effect.

Today, a patient undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) came to the hospital for antioxidant treatment with infusion and air energy.
The first course I was expected to have a very tough situation I was very pleased that I was able to spend a comfortable hospitalization with few side effects during chemotherapy.

High-concentration vitamin C drip therapy is also used to reduce side effects during radiation damage and chemotherapy.

I would be glad if a lot of evidence was accumulated and high-concentration vitamin C infusion therapy spread and patients suffering from many malignant tumors were saved.