Can measure human power!

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The research at the graduate school was related to immunity and how the autonomic nerve, especially the superhuman autonomic nerve, changed with respect to the maximum load.

The future is not brain science

Autonomic neuroscience.

Autonomic nerves that connect the mind and body.

Mental training, image training ...

Unfortunately, I can't expect much effect.

It is not mental training but autonomic control that removes anxiety.

There is evidence and there are many papers.

In the US, where many Afghan and Iraqi return soldiers are suffering from PTSD and become a social problem, we are adopting autonomic nervous function improvement training instead of image training to deal with this serious problem.

It is also used in space development astronaut training projects.

Biofeedback training.

This is the ultimate training to upgrade human software.

Originally adopted by the former Soviet Union as a program for training astronauts and military specialists, this is a field that many researchers have overcome.

For more than 15 years, I have been doing clinical research by purchasing systems from all over the world when this field always attracts attention in medicine, sports, health and business.

Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, professor at Juntendo University School of Medicine, recognized this possibility and usefulness and promoted research at the university level.

At present, this system provides guidance and guidance for top athletes such as Olympic gold medalist, major leaguer, world-class racing rider, driver, world champion of professional boxing, etc.

In order to disseminate autonomic neuroscience, we are conducting inspections, consulting and enlightenment activities for the general public.

Judge your software skills in just 5 minutes!
This is amazing! !
You can understand stress-resistant and weak.

The degree of attention has already exceeded vague brain science.

Quantitative evaluation can be made and the ability can be understood with numerical values !

Athletes can't measure with muscle strength or competitive power. Because they know the ability of the soft part, they can get nervous on the big stage! !

In January next year, I would like to introduce the contents of this training method to many people in a new book publication.

With the autonomic enhancement, you are the top athlete! ... may be possible.