Application of PRP therapy

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One of regenerative medicine PRP therapy

The representative director and staff of MyCells agency, the only import agent in the country, visited the clinic.

This is the only treatment for top athletes in Japan, and it is used for research purposes. We were able to provide valuable information on our efforts.

In addition to cosmetics, there are some papers that have already been found to be effective for acute meat loss in addition to inflammation of the Achilles tendon and ligament damage.

A racehorse is worth hundreds of millions of yen and billions of yen, and millions of people are paying attention to horse racing as a race where a lot of money moves.

Cutting-edge technology in regenerative medicine is indispensable for the treatment of racehorses.

Horses than people. . .

Economic theory also works in medicine.

PRP therapy, which has been inundated with treatment offers from top athletes nationwide, has now settled down.

Cosmetic treatment is a PRP therapy that is clinically popular in Japan, but it is not at all popular in the sports field.
I started preparations for starting an academic study group.

I hope it will be a treatment that will support many athletes.