PRP therapy today

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PRP therapy is a popular treatment for skin regenerative medicine that can be done easily.

The treatment was performed today for patients in the 50 generation, but the effect was greatly realized and 1 has been received regularly in 1 years.

Entertainers can also come and receive treatment from Tokyo, with their schedules adjusted.

PRP therapy is currently being performed by medical institutions that provide many cosmetic treatments, but the current situation is that the treatment kits and methods vary.

In Japan, Dr. Junichiro Kubota is the leading person in PRP therapy, and is conducting educational activities such as correct treatment of PRP therapy alongside medical treatment.

Recently, in order to reduce costs, blood was collected in a test tube for blood collection distributed free of charge from the testing center, and some of the growth factors that are prohibited from being injected into the living body were mixed and injected, causing a major problem. There are cases.

The effect varies greatly depending on the kit, treatment method, and the presence or absence of combination treatment.

In addition, it is known that the timing, physical condition, and condition of blood collection also affect the effect.
Simple and easy PRP therapy is actually a deep beauty treatment.