Cosmetic surgery

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Opportunities to perform surgery as a cosmetic surgeon have decreased.

Since cosmetic surgery is not urgent, it should be selected carefully only when necessary.

In the past, media reports have reported occasional fatal accidents caused by cosmetic surgery, but most of them are due to the inexperience of the doctor who performed the cosmetic surgery.

Currently, there is a certain need for the request, and we provide strict informed consent including risks, and we perform limited cosmetic surgery to patients who are satisfied.

There are many entertainers who will be performing the treatment, but swelling, internal bleeding, finish, downtime, etc. are very nervous.

Today, we performed double hemorrhoid surgery many times at other clinics and performed corrective surgery for patients whose lines were unstable and disappeared.
Corrective surgery is difficult.

Until now, I was quite nervous because of the strong pain and large bleeding caused by anesthesia.
The basic technique is the same as 20 years ago, but there are some material advances such as threads and needles.

Be careful and careful. Do what you want.

Absolutely important.

Easy going over 20 years? Surgery that seems to be always nervous.

I am happy that the patient was finished and satisfied today.