Potential of PRP therapy

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I expect that PRP therapy will be given to athletes with great potential.
Currently, PRP therapy, which is widely used in the field of aesthetic medicine, is rarely performed in Japan in terms of treating athletes with malfunctioning parts.
Although the protocol and procedure have not yet been established, it is still developing, but there is no doubt that it is a wonderful treatment considering the progress of athletes who have performed so far.

Athletes who were thinking about retirement can be active.

Resting is the best tendon inflammation, but this is impossible for athletes.
Painkillers can hardly be expected.
Steroid injection before big game.
Pain stops temporarily but does not improve fundamentally.

Repeatedly, tendons become brittle and increase the risk of tearing.

On the other hand, poor circulation and often increased pain.

All are blood flow.
If the blood flow can be secured, wounds and inflammation will heal immediately, but unfortunately, there are no abundant blood vessels like muscles in the tendons.

That ’s why it ’s hard to cure.

In PRP therapy, which is a regenerative medicine, a number of growth factors released from platelets repair micro-teared tendons and reduce inflammation.

It is a fundamental treatment and can be expected almost certainly.
Tendon strength also increases.
Of course, it is not doping.

Toru Suzuki is expected to win a medal at the London Olympics at the Paralympic 3
The person himself is surprised at the dramatic improvement as the pain of 100 is expressed as 10.
I would like to establish a protocol and procedure carefully by repeating cases.