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Inquiries from the police

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A call from the police station in the daytime ...

The person who suffered burns from the hair removal at the beauty salon was consulted and reported to the police, and a medical opinion was requested.

Hair removal in esthetics was previously recognized as a gray zone, but in recent cases, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare stated that hair removal by energy irradiation that causes damage to the skin, such as light hair removal, is black.
In other words, it is a judgment that it falls under the medical law violation.

There seem to be more esteems, beauty salon owners and salon managers who don't know this.

Occasionally, some people are arrested for esthetic treatments, but medical care should be performed by a doctor, and risky care and treatments also hinder normal aesthetic dissemination.

It is recommended that hair removal be performed carefully without using medically similar equipment. Rather, depilation is a clear medical practice.

It is safer, more reliable, more effective, and it takes less time to receive it at medical institutions. But? ? ? Many people think that.

Unfortunately, there are esthetics that attract customers by telling customers that hair removal in medical institutions is energy-intensive and that there are many troubles and that it is dangerous.

I would like to make a strict judgment of a public institution.

Article 17 of the Physician Law stipulates that “If you are not a doctor, you must not do medical work.” There are two notices from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare regarding permanent hair removal.
According to Medical No. 69, hair removal using a needle is recognized as a medical practice.
In addition, in the 105 issue from medical doctors,
(1) It is pointed out that the act of irradiating the hair follicle part with a laser or a light beam with strong energy and destroying the dermal papilla and sebaceous gland opening is a medical practice.
So according to these notices

Laser hair removal is medical hair removal
Medical hair removal if the hair roots are destroyed. It is not a medical practice unless the output is lowered and the hair root is destroyed, but this does not result in permanent hair removal. It doesn't matter if the device is for medical use.

Electric hair removal is medical hair removal
It is a medical practice if the hair root is destroyed by electric hair removal using a needle. In other words, permanent hair removal is a medical practice and medical hair removal. However, electric hair removal has a much older history than laser hair removal, and it has been widely used in clinics and esthetics because of its high hair removal effect and clean treatment.

IPL hair removal (flash hair removal, light hair removal)
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal is a hair removal method that uses "intense pulsed light".It is also called flash hair removal or photoepilation.Esthetics often give their own names.Since it uses strong light rays, it is a medical practice if the hair roots are destroyed.