Esthetic hair removal

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Troubles at the beauty salon have recently been highlighted.

China-made hair removal equipment for esthetics?
What! I am surprised at the higher power than a dedicated hair removal machine at a medical institution.

Moreover, the current hair removal equipment for esthetic treatments is a double action that can radiate not only light but also high frequencies.
Exactly hyper word medical equipment.

The price is 1 / 4, and the power is amazing

Surprisingly, no matter how painful the customer is, it is forcibly irradiated.
Unusual burns occur frequently.

This is a tremendous act more than a violation of the Doctoral Law.
Burn scar on the whole body Pigmentation

What! Surprisingly, hair loss with 500 yen? ? ?

The price is also amazing.

I'm surprised that there is a facility that is doing ridiculous things in the field of fierce competition.

It is assumed that there are not a few people who have suffered damage in these gray zones.

The administrative crackdown is awaited.