Cosmetic surgery treatment correction

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In the morning, we performed corrective treatment for petit orthopedics at another hospital.
2 years ago, it was a person who performed petit shaping for the purpose of bulging nose. There is almost no explanation from the doctor who received the treatment. Hyaluronic acid was injected, and the nasal muscles were distorted. Hyaluronic acid remained in the shape of a bump in the center of the nose. The clinic that received the treatment was from a major cosmetic surgeon famous for discounts and was also a facility where discounts were sold.

Immediately after treatment, it seemed to have been suffering for 2 years because it was a strange swollen state and a strange nose.
It seems that everybody's nose is bent at the clinic that has undergone the treatment, so it is explained that there is no problem.

Because it seemed abnormal at a glance, there was a request from the person, and on that day, corrective treatment was performed.
It seems that the nose is high enough just by adjusting the nose muscles.

This is a visual effect. If you raise it, the nose may not look high.

Corrected by injecting hyaluronic acid called Jubiderm 4 below the deep dermis below and above the bumps.
I was able to fix it very neatly.

The excitement of the aneurysm disappeared, and the nose muscles were in place and the person himself was very satisfied.

Is petit shaping easy and easy? There are many cosmetic surgeons who think that it is important to listen carefully to the patient's request and to perform it carefully.

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