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Even after the hot summer leaves, the consultation of patients suffering from sweat does not decrease.
Hyperhidrosis ... It has been reported that one Japanese 10 person suffers from sweat and a little smell.
The palm, the forehead, and the most consulted part are the armpits. Botox injection is an easy and recommended treatment. Botox is the product name of the Allergan product. Recently, products made in China are also popular and sold as BTX.
Of course, it will be in the form of personal imports by doctors.

Unstable effect due to unstable titer

Impurity contamination ...

I'm still worried about making it in China.

To some people today, we gave Botox treatment with wrinkle treatment and hyperhidrosis treatment.
The treatment that I finish in 2-3 minutes is an excellent treatment with very little burden.