Cutting-edge medicine into sports

Today, 16 people gathered at Sakae Clinic Seminar Room & Studio to hold a PRP therapy workshop and an athlete seminar.
Grampus coaches, figure skating coaches, commentators of international competitions and all-Japan championships, pro golfers, prestigious gym presidents who produce many K1 warriors, land coaches, ballet leaders, major leaguer trainers, all-Japan road champions, orthopedic surgeons ... We shared the fun time of seminars and workshops together. (Planning Top Athlete Co., Ltd. ) The subject of today's PRP therapy is the most handsome and cool guy in the land, Naoyuki Tsuji
He is a Japanese record holder of high jump.
It ’s really cool. It resembles Mr. Mori, who was attracting attention in SMAP (more cool)
Top athletes aiming for the London 5th Olympics.
I haven't been able to achieve satisfactory results in the last two years due to an ankle failure. It was an introduction from Toru Suzuki, Paralympic representative from Japan who achieved dramatic improvement with PRP therapy. I wish you good results.

New training method Cell training was explained and demonstrated.

What we can tell the top leaders in each field is a great first step in the future sports world that will change the concept of training.

After the seminar, we had a good time at the social gathering.

Athletes are great!

Stretching prohibited, pressure training carefully, improving the autonomic nervous function of athlete software! ! !

We will continue to hold cell training seminars and workshops with the participation of athletes and leaders representing Japan from all over the country.