Superb! Revival! !

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Toru Suzuki from the Paralympic team representative who finished 3 PRP therapy contacted us.
I was very happy to introduce a message.
I think it ’s a complete recovery.
We wish you a medal at the 4 London Paralympic Games! Thanks Today there was a match in UAE and I was able to jump 1m85.
The best (2m00) will be far below the record, but since I was able to clear the London A participation standard (1m80), I think I could have done the minimum work.

Above all, I was able to jump without knee pain for the first time in 4 years.

I am so grateful that Dr. Suetake and all the other clinics were able to recover so far.

I feel like I've finally started out for London, so I'd like to get better.

Thank you in the future! !