Clinic reception

We are looking for staff.

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Currently, the clinic is recruiting SEs, acceptances, counselors, estheticians and nurses.
Inexperienced and highly motivated people are welcome.
For those who can dream together ... A lot of artists and top athletes from the entertainment, business, and politics visit the clinic, so personal information management is particularly difficult, but you can have a wonderful experience through your work. . Improve yourself and acquire a wide range of knowledge. You can learn not only the most advanced aesthetic medicine but also advanced technology and knowledge such as spiritual care with sports and evidence. Seminars and workshops are also held in the clinic, and staff can learn academic knowledge and skills for free.

All staff members participated in the Japan-Korea Cosmetic Surgery Society held in Korea last year.

There is basically no limit on age.

Careful guidance and training will be provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.