Documentary coverage from Korean broadcasting station ...

Korea Broadcasting Station MBN A request for coverage of PRP therapy at our hospital was made in the production of a medical documentary for the 4 department, titled “Our Happy Life”.

Information on the first PRP therapy for top athletes in Japan was received not by Japanese TV stations but by Korean TV stations.

PRP therapy has already been widely applied in the field of aesthetic medicine in Japan, but it has hardly been applied to the sports field.

However, it is already becoming one of the standard treatments in the West.
Many top professionals such as Tiger Woods, former tennis player Nadal of the world ranking 1, Olympic gold medalist, MBA player, major leaguer, etc. have been put into treatment options and have actually been treated and reported remarkable effectiveness.

Currently, for the purpose of research and the creation of a reliable treatment protocol, we are working on athletes who are active as representatives of the Japan Olympics, including Daisuke Sue.
However, in the future, we plan to proceed with treatment for general athletes.
We have received many offers from professional athletes nationwide, but we are carefully observing the progress and developing the most effective treatment techniques and pre- and post-care.