Disinfection to wounds, meaningless static stretch, great opposition!

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.

I was surprised to read Chunichi Sports on 4 month 5 day ...
At the Koide Running Academy, the coach of Toshiharu Igarashi, a coach of Sakura Athlete Club, advised ...
Sterilization of beans is an impossible action.
Stretch everywhere ... The effectiveness of static stretching is denied in current sports medicine.http://www.topathlete.co.jp/blog/blog01/

Curb stretch is recommended for sciatica. ... no scientific basis at all.
If the hamstring is stretched forcibly when there is sciatica, it may worsen.
Mr. Igarashi, who has no medical knowledge, was fully confidently developed on paper, but it is an act that can not be done in medicine at present. If this article is read and the athlete truly receives it, it is certain that health damage will occur is.

Disinfecting the beans will make you run away from the pain and increase the risk of infection.

Moreover, dry it with a dryer! However, exudate plays an important role in healing wounds, and if it is dried, healing will be delayed.
If you get pain, first icing ... ridiculous! ! !
Icing will not only lower the pain threshold and increase pain, but also worsen circulation and delay healing of chronic inflammation,

We have to manage the situation that such a leader is teaching a runner imposingly!

Evidence for the sports world too!

More leaders should study.
Don't pose a health hazard to children and athletes!