Great top athlete

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.

Satoshi Icho, who attended the send-off party, achieved 3 consecutive victory!
Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! !
There was a great handicap behind it!

As I became clear in the interview with TBS and asked for a comment, I was also honored to comment.

Actually, it was a great achievement despite the rupture of the ligament in the left ankle joint.
Information that 3 of the 1 books were torn completely and 1 was torn partially

Expected to be an anterior collateral ligament rupture or partial ligament rupture.
I ca n’t comment accurately because I have n’t seen it, but if it ’s the above…

I was asked for medical comments so I was talking as a doctor.
Impossible! ! This is a great feat! !
It ’s a great top athlete who wo n’t lose to adversity or handicap.

CBC 4 will be broadcast from 50 minutes to Ippo! !