Mysterious question

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You will receive various questions related to cosmetic surgery.

Are you okay with garlic injections of melsmon? ? ? I received the question:

The answer is impossible.

First, because placenta melsmon is not administered intravenously.

There is almost no such experience or report, and it is not possible to know what will happen with melsmon intravenous administration unless human experiments are conducted.

Moreover, it is impossible to answer cases that were conducted at other facilities.

I think it's better to think normally and ask your doctor.

If you answer that it's okay and you're worried about it, you'll be worried because it will increase anxiety to the questioner.

Have you received cosmetic surgery at another facility and are you swollen? Are you okay with bleeding?

You can respond to inquiries by e-mail only if you do not know if you have not been examined.

Even if you answer carefully, most of them are crushed.

Often you want to have a minimum of common sense before asking questions.