Wakiga cream

Wakiga hyperhidrosis treatment

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The temperature has risen and recently there has been an increasing number of consultations regarding wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

A patient who had undergone 3 operations was visited today.

To our hospital, one in 3 is a re-treated patient who has already undergone surgery and no effect has been realized.

Surgery for treatment that should be admitted to hospital.

The risk of skin necrosis is also very important.

In this hospital, we perform treatment of waigaga and hyperhidrosis by BOTOX injection and electrolysis (coagulation) method.

Electrolysis is an excellent treatment that selectively destroys sweat glands with pinpoint heat energy.

There are no scars left, there are no restrictions on daily life, and no pain is felt after surgery.

The difficulty is that 1 times are not effective enough and 3-6 times of treatment is required.

With advances in medicine, surgery is not the first choice.

The electrolysis method is the first choice for many doctors themselves.

This is a method you should consider before you try to have surgery.