Potential of PRP therapy

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Inquiries from top athletes regarding PRP therapy have increased.

At present, it can be expected to be very effective in improving ligament and tendon pain.


However, there is still little evidence on how effective a partially torn tendon or ligament is, and I think it will be a method that can be applied to the possibility.

The effectiveness of micro-rupture repair can be expected with certainty, but to what extent tendons and ligaments can be repaired is a future issue, and clinical experiments should start in Japan.


In the field of cosmetic surgery, the image of PRP therapy is not always good due to contamination problems such as bFGF.

The effect has not yet been quantitatively evaluated ...

However, the patients who have been treated at this hospital are satisfied and the anti-aging effect of the skin can certainly be expected from the current situation where most of them are treated continuously.


I need a detailed protocol.