Is Mar-kun revived with PRP therapy?

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Preg therapy that has recently been talked about after treatment by Major Leaguer Ma

It is popular in aesthetic medicine in Japan.

However, unfortunately, the protocol has not been established yet, and the platelet concentration in the plasma is also determined by the kit.

Basic research on the growth status of growth factors has not progressed.

The research is still in the midst of the fact that domestic kits do not exist and are not covered by insurance treatment.

A beauty clinic that promotes low prices Centrifuge blood collection Spitz obtained free of charge from a laboratory to separate plasma and growth factors? Some facilities seem to be administered subcutaneously mixed with a certain drug.

There are many troubles.


The treatment protocols and kits that Mr. Ma received are completely different. The PR that connects this report to the customer's customer needs attention.


There are no sports-level PRP treatments at beauty clinics, and no reports have been made.

I hope that PRP therapy is not seen in gray therapy.


This is the seventh year. Full contact KARATE describes this in a column.