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Cosmetic Surgery

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Many cosmetic surgery clinics sell discounts.

Even if quality is considered, treatment costs are reasonable, but the situation seems to be different.

Is double hemorrhoid surgery 9800 yen, 19800 yen? ?

Is the surgery really possible at this cost? It's no wonder that I have been practicing as a cosmetic surgeon for over 25 years.

30 minutes for polite counseling

20 minutes for preparation and marking

20-30 minutes for surgery

Total 1 hour 30 minutes

With careful treatment, you cannot perform any number of operations a day.

Of course, double lap surgery costs, including drug costs and warranty costs, are difficult for less than 100,000 yen.

Medical care must be more about quality than cost.

In particular, self-funded medical care requires advanced treatment and high-quality medical services.

It is unavoidable that teachers are steadily steadily carrying out insurance treatment due to the difference in costs and treatment contents of cosmetic surgery.

I hope that the cosmetic surgery clinic will be sound.