The effect of threat PRP therapy! The top pros also feel.

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It has been almost 10 years since we started research on PRP therapy. We have been to many top athletes as advanced medical care not only in the beauty field but also in the sports field.

Currently, this hospital is the only medical institution in Japan that can perform full-scale PRP therapy in the beauty and sports fields.

Today, PRP therapy was given to Tetsuji Hiratsuka, a six-time tour professional golfer

As a leading-edge medical treatment, we currently carry out PRP therapy for top athletes, but the protocol has been developed and today we have implemented the third PRP treatment. The pain improved in the previous treatment, but after the operation of the humerus, it was revealed that the pain was still dull. It was.

Place: Sakae Clinic
Doctor in charge: Nobuhiro Suetake
Use kit: MyCELLS (Made in Israel)
Procedure: Marking → Blood collection → Centrifugation (3500 ppm ✕ 7 min) → Filtering → Disinfection of affected area → 1.0cc (injection of 0.5cc to each site)
* Although the pain at the injection site was greatly reduced by the first PRP therapy, the pain in the deep part of the elbow was not improved, and MRI was taken at multiple medical institutions, and finally a fracture was revealed. Surgery was performed because the bone fragment was found to be a source of stimulation in the muscle.
PRP therapy was performed to remove the remaining pain.

Comments from Tetsuji Hiratsuka: I felt a lot of pain at the time of injection, but soon I took a painkiller and almost no pain. If there is no pain after a month, I would like to start practicing in earnest and return to the tour two months later.

I would like to promote the effectiveness of PRP therapy by reviving myself. I would be pleased if I could provide my experiences as meaningful medical information to athletes who suffer from many troubles.