Wakiga cream

Wakiga / hyperhidrosis Recurrence of Miradry

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Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the number of consultations that caused no post-operative burns due to expensive treatment with Miradry or View Hot treatment, and that pigmentation did not disappear over several months.


Theoretically, this is not a problematic treatment, but there are not a few patients who are greatly regretted after receiving Miradry or View Hot.


In many cases, Mira Dry has a length of pain that lasts longer than 1 hours.

Many patients suffer from scarring caused by burns or extensive pigmentation.

Miradry microwaves have poor tissue selectivity, and normal tissue is destroyed as well as surgery and has downtime that causes inflammation.

It is more painful than surgery.


Moreover, Mira Dry is often used by nurses rather than doctors. Do you get really effective results from the treatment of nurses?


It is impossible to get a big therapeutic effect in 1 times. Even the EL method is ideally 6 times and at least 3 times 1 cool is the basic treatment.


For many years, I have been treated as a specialist for treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis, but the only recommended treatment is injection of EL (electrolysis) and botulinum toxin.



Mira dry, view hot and suffering with no effect Patients are also satisfied with the effects of the EL method.


We hope that non-doctoral treatment will be eliminated in the over-advertising and medical law gray zones.