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Truth of treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis

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Recently, I was treated for hyperhidrosis, even though I received the latest treatment, but I couldn't feel the effect at all. The number of patients coming to the hospital has increased rapidly.
The latest, complete cure in 1 times, ...
It ’s a wonderful ugly phrase.

Treatment using microwaves or high-frequency microneedles.
Certainly the theory is excellent, but no significant downtime is possible to expect a big effect in 1 times.
These treatments rely on equipment and do not require doctor skills.
In short, anyone can be treated.
Even a nurse ...

There seems to be a medical facility where nurses are in charge of the treatment.

I am wondering if the medical care entrusted to nurses will become a complete cure in the latest and wonderful 1 times.

1 times were completely invalid and terrible, so it was recommended that 2 times were required and the treatment cost for 2 times was 80 10,000 yen

The result was no effect at all, but burn scarring and pigmentation were noticeable.

I have been doing a lot of surgery and electrolysis for my treatment of hyperhidrosis, but I really feel that relying on the skill of the doctor, rather than relying on the equipment, is really important to improve it.

There is no device that can be easily cured in 1 times.
There will be no downtime.

A specialist will take the time to achieve the effect with multiple treatments.

I would like you to carefully consider the “Treatment of Wakiga / Hyperhidrosis Treatment” carefully before receiving treatment.
Rather than denying the latest treatment, we are concerned about the reality that the hype of the latest treatment spoiled the effectiveness and significance of the latest treatment.