Wakiga cream

Aside from treatment The truth of Miradry.

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In recent years, an increasing number of patients have come to the hospital to pay a large amount of money despite the fact that they have received the treatment of Miradry and hope for retreatment without any effect.
Is it completely cured with Mira Dry and no downtime?

This therapy has the following problems as pointed out many times before.

1: Because of the non-selective treatment, this is a treatment method with large epidermal damage and large downtime.

2: The operation takes more than 1 hours.

3: There are also facilities that nurses perform (which is strictly considered illegal). There are not a few cases where doctors cannot be said to be responsible, and the effects are unstable.

4: Long-term prognosis has not yet been confirmed in Japan

5: Visited many patients who suffered from burns, pigmentation and scarring due to Miradry treatment

6: Lack of evidence that is effective against oysters Do you conduct meta-analysis on the effectiveness of stagnation in foreign countries?

7: Application to Susukikiga, etc. Existence of medical institutions that do whatever they want despite their lack of evidence

8: What is the import agency manufacturer for medical institutions? ? ?

Isn't it a business model priority problem treatment for the purpose of profit?

If specialists carefully perform 1 cool multiple times, it is expected that the effect will of course appear. The

It is recommended that patients suffering from wakiga gather information carefully.

The fact that the manufacturer that had been recommended to sell the Mira Dry system has already withdrawn is also considered a major problem.


I think that there should be no disadvantage to patients with over-advertising treatment in order to recover the cost of introducing Miradry's expensive treatment equipment.