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Wakiga Treatment View Hot Truth

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Recently, a treatment using a Korean-made device called View Hot has been widely advertised as the newest treatment method for wakiga and hyperhidrosis.
More than 95% have been advertised as being satisfied with 1 treatments. Is that true?

Despite being more than 95% effective, why was it possible to receive a view hot treatment, many patients did not work at all, the needle hole remained difficult to see Continued for a few days ...

Recurrence of view hot treatment, retreatment of invalid patients is also increasing rapidly.
It is mysterious why manufacturers can affirm their long-term prognosis in Japan despite new treatments.

It is theoretically not wrong, but I think that more than 95% of patients will not be satisfied with view hot treatment in 1 times, and if such a problematic expression is recommended by the manufacturer This means that we give wrong information giving priority to profits to people who suffer from wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

Randomly pierce the skin with high-frequency heat energy to destroy sweat glands.
It is certainly a wonderful theory, but ...

Unfortunately, it is poor in selectivity, and it is impossible to destroy most apocrine sweat glands with 1 times.

The electrolysis method is a method of destroying sweat glands by applying heat energy under direct view by inserting a needle into 1 1 pores. Is not obtained.

Is it really the right treatment to leave to the machine?

I hope that there will not be many patients who have received long-term prognosis and who have received more expensive treatment due to View Hot, which has not been confirmed in Japan.