Wakiga hyperhidrosis treatment

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Wakiga and hyperhidrosis treatment at many cosmetic surgery clinics

What percentage of patients are really satisfied with the results?

Unlike so-called cosmetic surgery, results are not calculated for changes in the shape of the face or body.

Many cosmetic surgery clinics operate, but the effects and scars are contradictory.

It is unfortunate that a surgical procedure that completely cures without scarring remains.

Odor / hyperhidrosis surgery is actually ...

The operation is as large as the skin grafting, and rest is important after the operation. Become.
A minimum of 1 weeks Ideally, 2 weeks.

The current situation is that we cannot actually perform these operations in the outpatient department of cosmetic surgery.

Therefore, it is completely different from the fact that the scars that can be easily operated are cleared and that daily life can be done immediately.

There are not a few patients who have been treated easily and have no effect at all, or severe scars remain and come to the hospital for consultation.

Odor / hyperhidrosis surgery often results in the appearance of a mass after the operation, or a long-lasting feeling of heel skin.

I feel that information has not been provided to patients in spite of this risky operation.

Is the risk of necrosis a critical part of any cosmetic surgery?

This big risk is hardly communicated to patients.

As soon as you see the scar, you can see that there was a widespread necrosis.

The hot season begins, but I would like to convey accurate information to people who suffer from odor and hyperhidrosis.