What are the therapeutic effects of childhood odor and hyperhidrosis?

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The odor of junior high school children from the upper grades of elementary school. Consultations on hyperhidrosis are increasing.
What is different from an adult?
In school life, I feel sweaty when I am doing physical education or club activities, or I have been pointed out by others.
In particular, parents who have a stinking odor or hyperhidrosis can be very painful if the same symptoms appear in their child.

Surgery will leave scars, and postoperative fixation and care will be difficult ...

Can it be treated without surgery?
The wish is earnest.
Recently, treatments that do not use so-called scalpels such as Mi * do *, Bu * ho * xxx have come out.
Is it really effective?

From the conclusion, it is hard to say that it will be effective.
Especially in the case of children, there are many cases of recurrence, and all therapeutic effects are inferior compared to adults.
This is because children have a higher regenerative capacity and are at a higher risk of returning to their original state after any treatment similar to adults.

95% are satisfied with 1 treatments ...
If it is true, I will stop the doctor immediately.

There is unfortunately no treatment that only 95% of the people in 1 times are permanently satisfied.

About 40% of new patients at this hospital are patients who have relapsed after receiving treatment for odor and hyperhidrosis at other facilities or have had little effect.
In the past, most patients were postoperatively, but recently, the number of patients after treatment such as Mi * do *, Bu * ho * is increasing rapidly.

There are not a few cases where nurses are operating. . . I'm wondering if nurses can treat and do really effective treatments.

It is recommended that you carefully consider the child's odor and hyperhidrosis treatment.
Even if you are an elementary school student, you will not be able to treat yourself.

The treatment for relieving worries will not be a cause of further trouble. The treatment of odor and hyperhidrosis is not only advertising, but also the results, history, and theory of the doctor in charge Long-term prognostic results and treatment Is the doctor or nurse in charge? We believe that the effort to get the right information is the greatest consideration for children.