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Treatment of odor and hyperhidrosis Effect of suction method?

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A patient who had been treated as aspiration at an acupuncture cosmetic surgery clinic came from Kanto for re-treatment today. There was a boom as a treatment for bad smell and hyperhidrosis. The suction method is currently down.

The reason is that there is no effect at all, but the odor and sweat are temporarily reduced, but it has returned to its original state ... It's easy, short time, no pain. However, in reality, it was a treatment with problems that had little effect. Sweat glands can be removed with a little suction with a suction tube. . . There is absolutely no medical question.

Today's patient was also told that "I felt my odor and sweat decreased for about 1 months, but after 1 months it was completely restored." Pay money, get hurt and feel bad. . .

Surgery for odor and hyperhidrosis is a technique that is expected to have a significant effect, and it can be very risky and burdensome, such as postoperative rest. Until now, I have been in charge of many treatments for cases where hematoma has been left unattended and skin necrosis has occurred extensively after bleeding at other facilities.

If you are a careful surgeon, you know that this is not an easy operation. Recently, the topic of Mira Dry View Hot 1 treatments will surely solve your problems permanently? I hope that in a few years, there will be no cases of re-treatment with high-cost treatments that will not recur or be effective.