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Watch out for gold thread

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I have received several cases of troubles after receiving gold thread treatment.
Most of them were streak-like pigmentation due to insertion into the shallow part of the skin.
When I asked all of the patients who had been treated with the gold thread, there was no change at all. It was the answer.
Although it became a big boom for a while, there seems to be few medical institutions currently performing treatment.

This treatment is very unfortunate and has some disadvantages for patients.
It can be expected to be effective for sagging and wrinkles recently, and it means that you can not receive treatment called HIFU or treatment with high frequency.
The treatment to efficiently produce heat by applying heat energy to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue just after the gold thread has been inserted is not possible due to the risk of abnormal fever in the presence of the gold thread.

It was very disappointing to tell this fact to the patients who visited HIFU.
The doctor in charge told me that if I put a gold thread under my skin, my skin would be so clean that I could make a mistake and I could get tight and wrinkled.
Of course, there is no such evidence in Japan.

Gold thread ... Sounds good, but what is the reality? ? ?

Many doctors oppose it.