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Children's side

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Since this month is in the summer vacation, there is a sharp increase in consultations regarding child's odor.

I don't want my child to have surgery ... as a parent. Recently, there has been a treatment of ugly complaints that there is no scarring, which is not an operation and there is little downtime. Is it really effective? There is a conclusion.

However. . . In 1 times, complete healing cannot be expected. I am amazed at the number of relapses. Complete cure in 1 times is medically impossible considering the damage to the skin.

Bi XX Ho XX, Mira XX Y 1 times 30-40 10,000 yen treatment fee. Considering the treatment cost, it has an image that can be expected to have a great effect even 1 times. Theoretically, it is not a system that can be completely cured in 1 times. Moreover. . . There are many cases where nurses perform treatment, and there are many troubles.

In fact, there are many patients who visit a clinic like me, who cares about scarring due to ugly burns after these 2 treatments. Bi XX Ho XX and Mira XX Lee are thought to be safe and effective if the specialists carefully treat all 6 times 1 cool.

However, treatment costs may exceed 200 million yen. The latest medical equipment! ! However, there are still questions about effectiveness and risk.

How do manufacturers think about this reality? If you read my blog, the manufacturer said, “That's not the case. You can expect great results with 1 times, and no scars will remain. There is no pain.

Everything is done carefully by specialists, and there are no cases where nurses do the treatment. I strongly hope for medical progress to be able to make claims. I will sell this device that I can talk with confidence. If the manufacturer person in charge takes any time, I would like to talk about the difficulty and risk effects of the treatment of odor and hyperhidrosis.