Trajectory / miracle of PRP therapy

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Recently, inquiries from the general public as well as top athletes are increasing rapidly, PRP therapy.

Since the introduction of PRP therapy technology in Japan, many people have been using PRP therapy for beauty and anti-aging purposes.

More than 6 years since the start of PRP therapy in the sports field based on PRP production techniques, theory and experience.

PRP treatment for top athletes was performed for the first time in Japan.

Since then, many top athletes in all fields have cooperated in the preparation of protocols for PRP therapy and clinical trials, and the protocol has almost settled and stable results have been obtained.

Recently, administration of stem cell supernatant has also begun and pain improvement of severe knee osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, jumper knee, and pubic fractures, which were impossible until now. . . The possibility of treating all kinds of disabilities has emerged.


This hospital is a team of 2 doctors who are sports specialists, certified specialists of the Japanese Orthopedic Association, certified specialists of the Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Society, and all sports and skin trauma specialists have advanced knowledge and technology and the number of top class cases in Japan. We carry out PRP therapy to athlete with the results of.

We do not perform groping treatment.

This is the only sports medicine specialist / medical institution in Japan that implements PRP with established protocols.

Training and conditioning guidance is also provided through dedicated private studios.


Retired. . . Please consult without giving up.

Every day, we conduct study sessions, workshops, and seminars on PRP therapy and regenerative medicine with specialists, trainers, and manufacturers, and strive to promote growth factor-introduced therapy including PRP therapy.


I am honored to have the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience gained as a cosmetic surgeon for many years in the sports field.