Current status of PRP therapy revived by top athletes

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In Japan, PRP therapy, which has been widely used in the beauty field, is still in the sports field.

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Law about ensuring safety such as regenerative medicine

It seems to be a big thing.

In other words, it is because it is no longer possible for medical institutions to perform simpler procedures than before.

When processing cells, it is absolutely necessary to notify them and the rules are determined.


In the beauty field, medical institutions that promote treatment at low prices have also appeared.


In our hospital, there are almost no offers from patients for beauty treatment.

The reason for this is that there are beauty clinics that operate with PRP therapy and do not actually collect PRP.

Naturally, there is no effect and PRP therapy is ineffective. You can also see writing on the net.

It is unfortunate that you can expect an effect almost certainly if a specialist performs with a solid kit and production method.

There are facilities that promote PR with low-priced treatment that cannot be understood, but what about the situation?


As a PRP therapy in the sports field, the number of inquiries to the hospital, which has been one of the most popular facilities in Japan so far, has recently increased rapidly. .



With the cooperation of athletes, the protocol will be completed and we will make every effort to support and support athletes.

Thank you.