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Treatment of armpits and hyperhidrosis

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There are consultations and visits from around the country for the treatment of waki and hyperhidrosis.

Many of them are already suffering from scars that have been treated or not effective at other medical facilities.

The current situation is that the operation for my sweating and hyperhidrosis is very difficult and risky for the patient.

The reason is that in the case of surgery, the subcutaneous tissue is removed from the back of the skin in the same state as the skin graft, and post-operative fixation and care must be performed in the same manner as the skin graft.

If it is not fixed firmly, blood will be produced and blood flow to the skin will be blocked, resulting in necrosis.

Even if the skin is well fixed and peeled off, it may be afflicted with atheromas or scarring after surgery.

If surgery is performed effectively over a wide area, it is common sense that a certain amount of downtime and risk will occur, and it is not an operation that can be easily performed in an outpatient setting.

There is a lot of information about a lot of aspiration and hyperhidrosis.

Is it really effective, such as the recent topic of Mira Dry and View Hot treatment?

Is there no pain?

Will it not recur?

I tried to create an information website that can answer various questions and concerns.



This is the largest information site about hyperhidrosis in Japan.

For more than 25 years, as a cosmetic surgeon, the EL method is the only one that can confidently recommend efficacy, safety and sustainability when treating hyperhidrosis.