PRP therapy

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Inquiries about PRP therapy from athletes are increasing.

However, PRP therapy is indicated and cannot cope with any orthopedic disease or trauma.

It is not a magical regenerative treatment.

It seems that PRP therapy for athletes is being carried out little by little in Japan, but this hospital is the only implementation for several world-class athletes.

The protocol for PRP therapy has not been finalized in Japan, and a great deal of effort, time and money were spent on the protocol preparation.

Relying on individual imports of kits In Japan, a valid kit is not readily available.


Thanks to the cooperation of many top athletes, the effectiveness and safety of relatively superficial sports disorders such as Achilles tendon disorder and ligament damage have been confirmed. Injuries can be shortened and the retirement can be avoided.


For some cases, we summarized the specific implementation.


I hope this site will be helpful to as many athletes as possible.

The photo shows the professional golfer Tetsuji Hiratsuka (6 highest annual prize ranking) who has been rested from the tournament on tennis elbows.

It has shown tremendous recovery and has been successfully returned to the tour.