All of my treatment for hyperhidrosis

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We have made it possible to provide as much information as possible about the treatment of akiga and hyperhidrosis.


Since the number of consultations on re-treatment has been increasing rapidly, we have chosen the first treatment without any regrets and are explaining the correct treatment method.

I think that the treatment performed by the nurse is not a medical practice and can be expected to have no effect.

Doctors need to be in charge of medical treatments for the purpose of treatment. Medical treatments performed by nurses are only medical assistance.

Such as injection, blood collection and post treatment treatment.

The treatment is considered to be a violation of the Doctoral Law or a gray zone act very close to black, so the willingness to treat the patient responsibly will not cause the nurse to take care of it.

Even if there is an instruction from a doctor, it is common sense that medical practices such as high-frequency or laser irradiation on medical devices intended for direct treatment are not possible.