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Medical treatment starts today from 1 month 5 day

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Medical treatment for the year of 2017 starts today from 5 day.

Thank you.


From 2 month 1 day Sakae clinic walk 3 minutes We will open an autonomic nerve salon that can provide the ultimate healing.


We are looking for esthetician staff who can perform basic procedures such as body care, massage and facial. A medical esthetic supervised by a specialist.


It is a work in a very beautiful artistic space.

Technical guidance is also provided through advanced programs, and advanced skills can be acquired in a short period of time.

Guests are mainly entertainers, top athletes, and wealthy people who can work comfortably.

There is no need for guests to make loans and there is no unreasonable quota.


Benefits and benefits are also substantial.

Working hours 10 hours 45 minutes to 20 hours


Can work part-time


Why don't you shine together with the latest aesthetic medicine and healing support?

If you would like to interview

Please contact us at or 052-953-9676 Suetake.