Wakiga and hyperhidrosis treatment "EL method treatment"

Aside is the pitfall of treatment

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From Aomori to Okinawa from all over the country, patients visit for treatment of odor and hyperhidrosis.

Those patients whose 4 is about 0% will be treated again.

In the past, there were many re-treatment patients who were unsatisfactory after surgery, but recently they were not effective at all, even though they paid a lot of money for treatments such as Mira Dry and View Hot. The number of patients who are coming to the hospital with hopes for correction of scars is rapidly increasing.

I think that the treatment by the nurse is also a problem, but there are many people who believe that over 5% of the patients who received over 95% of patients will be cured in 1 times after receiving the treatment. .

If the surgery is performed at a level that can be completely cured, the risk increases and it is extremely difficult to perform after surgery because it is extremely difficult in the outpatient department.

Today, a patient who had undergone surgery of 2 degree and did not get satisfactory results came to the hospital ...

Surgery is a treatment that only scratches the eyelids.

In other words, surgery in a very narrow area? Marks that look like.

It was assumed that this was not very satisfying for the reduction of sweat and odor.

If you do too much, it will cause necrosis. It is very difficult to adjust, and if you are an experienced cosmetic surgeon, you know.

Carefully treat odor and hyperhidrosis!

As a cosmetic surgeon, you can be assured that the electrocoagulation method (EL method) is the most effective and safe treatment method.