Cosmetic surgery

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The day before yesterday a very unfortunate accident happened in Nagoya.

A fatal accident due to cosmetic surgery.

When I was the director of the Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Association, there were occasional death incidents that raised the agenda on liability insurance.

There are many fatal accidents even under the surface of the water.

What does it mean to be easily, safely and easily cleaned like a TV image in a short time? ? ?

The cause of this accident is due to local anesthesia, although the cause has not yet been determined.

In other words, the possibility of acute local anesthesia poisoning


In fact, many similar accidents have occurred in cosmetic surgery.

Local anesthesia is a powerful drug. It is clearly stated in the attached document that a certain amount of the drug administered into the body in a short period of time can cause a serious situation such as cardiac arrest.

What happens if 30cc of 2% xylocaine is used?


I assume that this is an unforeseen risk, but I don't think many cosmetic surgeons know this risk.


A fatal accident caused a fatal accident in a major cosmetic surgery.

A doctor with a history close to a resident died of a sudden change in the condition of a young female patient after injecting a large amount of local anesthesia.


We use a very low xylocaine level of 0.2% to treat hyperhidrosis as much as possible.


Risk of local anesthesia ...

The patient doesn't know. Most doctors don't explain before surgery or treatment.


Because it is local anesthesia, it cannot be said that it is safe.


Our hospital always explains in detail the risks of local anesthesia, etc., when the heel is used in a relatively large amount such as hyperhidrosis.


In this case, the image of cosmetic surgery is likely to deteriorate, and my heart hurts.

The doctor in charge stated that another doctor in Nagoya was charged with the police for defamation, but it was a bit questionable even when looking at the contents.

I think that it is absolutely impossible to proceed with surgery without judging the adaptation criteria if you can perform any operation with overconfidence.

Consultation on re-correction surgery in cosmetic surgery that was easily received, and consultation on ugly scars after surgery.

Please consider cosmetic surgery carefully. It's never urgent or recommended because it's recommended.


I wish you all the prayers of the patient who died, and I hope that no such accidents will occur.