Aside from the big problem of treatment

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Recently, there has been a rapid increase in consultations for re-treatment of the view ●●●.

Severe burn marks and unbearable pain after surgery.

The effect disappears in half a year, and many patients are accused of not knowing the meaning of treatment even though the burden and amount of money are expensive.

Theoretically, it is supposed to be an excellent treatment, but there are actually various problems.


1: A needle is randomly inserted into the skin, and the depth and energy seem to be fine-tuned.


2: There are still few skilled doctors and the effect is not constant


3: There are many cases where nurses operate, and there are many cases where there is no effect at all.


I'm not sure if the treatment using my nurse's treatment equipment is a violation of the doctor's law.


4: There is little risk of causing epidermal burns, and postoperative pain is strong


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The impression is far from the actual PR advertisement.

Compared to the EL method, the level of effectiveness and safety is far from comparable.

Unlike other treatments, the EL method is not a 1 treatment, but there is no pain after the operation, and safety and effectiveness are certain.


If the EL method is a treatment that is inferior to the view ●●● treatment or Mi ●●● i, I will quit the cosmetic surgeon immediately. I can say that it is effective and safe.


All these treatments have been promoted to a large therapeutic effect 1 times on HP, but even with regard to surgery, treatment that is performed randomly without damage to normal skin has limitations in treatment effect and safety.

Do not overdo it, pinpoint firmly destroy the sweat glands, especially the apocrine sweat glands

A specialist should take responsibility directly.

This is important.

Experienced surgery as a cosmetic surgeon for more than 25 years. ? ? It is hard to understand that I can be treated for hyperhidrosis. There are not a few patients who suffer from recurrence, pain, and scars. We are

The traders are also profit-oriented, and nurses can do it. You can expect great results, and there is no risk. I do not know the long-term prognosis, and the attitude to recommend and introduce it to medical institutions is a problem.

I read this blog and hope for the objections and opinions.