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Aside from the hype of treatment? of

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Inquiries about treatments for children, the following treatments are rapidly increasing.
So, in my opinion, I thought about the actual situation regarding excessive PR related to recent treatments.

Compared with Mira ●●● and View ●●●, EL (Electrolysis) method is more effective, safe and simple in many items such as sustained effect, downtime after treatment, pain, treatment time, anesthesia risk, etc. I think.

The new hyperhidrosis “Mira ●●●”, which is currently attracting attention, equipped with microwaves (ultrashort waves), can achieve the same therapeutic effect as surgery without having to cut through the skin. The long-term effect is left to future study.
In Europe and the United States, there are papers that recognize the effectiveness against sweat, but there are few papers on the effects of odor.

In fact, there are many patients who would like to be re-treated if Mira ●●● did not feel any effect after treatment, and if it was completely restored.

Mira ●●● EL (Electrolysis) method is possible even after treatment.

Also, depending on the facility, there may be cases where nurses are entrusted with treatment.
Advanced and skilled treatments that do not require technology will lower the price of the system, and if it is introduced at many medical institutions, treatment will be established and may become one of the options.

Recently, multiple patients who have been treated with the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis by the view ●●● and have no therapeutic effect, have left their marks conspicuously.

The view ●●● was developed in Korea based on the theory that the needle is randomly inserted into the skin (non-selective system) and heat is applied to the dermis and under the skin to destroy the sweat glands.

But there are major drawbacks.

First of all, it is a non-selective treatment that damages the skin even more than expected, causing damage to the skin more than expected, trying to produce a therapeutic effect at one time, causing partial burns. Compared to the EL method that reliably destroys sweat glands with pinpoint, the effect is less.

The EL method treats pores one by one reliably, so there is very little damage to normal skin, and no burn marks remain as in the view ●●●.

The treatment of wakiga / hyperhidrosis by the view ●●● has not yet been confirmed in the long-term prognosis, and the effect varies greatly depending on the operator, and depending on the facility, there are cases where nurses are working and working.

View ● ● ● Even patients who were not effective after treatment ● Those who still have burn scars or pigmentation due to ● ● ● are satisfied with the reliable effect of EL method, so please contact us I'm happy.

Children who are more difficult than adults are being treated with 1 times for their treatment. The number of re-treatment consultations has increased rapidly due to the recurrence of these treatments. Please consider carefully. .