Children's side

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During the spring break, there was a rapid increase in consultations for children's side and hyperhidrosis from across the country. There were the most consultations of children of the age to be new junior high school students.

The difference from adults ...

Compared to adults, it is much more difficult to treat the side effects of children in middle school.

However, it can lead to complete cure if it is treated firmly.

Surgery is not recommended, but recently I can't cut it with advertisements. Aside from that, PR is treated as a treatment.

Many patients who have returned to 100% who have been able to receive these treatments have returned to the hospital for consultation.

There is unfortunately no way to ensure that your child's sideways will be satisfied permanently at one time.

A child with strong regenerative power takes a little time compared with adult treatment, and the number of treatments is also required by EL method.


It can be said that it is difficult even with medical science to cure a child's side by simply 1 times.

There are many people who are regretted because they can be treated with easy advertisements.

Choose treatment carefully.