Miradry effect?

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Because the side of Mira Dry is affected by hyperhidrosis and has no effect at all, patients who come to the hospital for consultation as a re-treatment of the EL method will continue.

Previously, there were many consultations on re-treatment of patients who were not satisfied with the post-operative effects, but most of them are patients who have recently been treated with Milla Dry and View Hot and who have been treated with hyperhidrosis treatment and have been ineffective .

The conclusion is that Miradry has 1 times and it is extremely unlikely that the armpits will completely cure hyperhidrosis.

In addition, post-operative pain and swelling lasts for a long time and is far from safe and secure.

1 months After suffering from pain, discomfort, and swelling, there is no effect at all. Many patients come to the hospital for retreatment.

I paid 40 million, but it had no effect and only suffered from pain and swelling ...

I am surprised at the result that is completely different from the advertisement of HP ...

When doctors are in charge, it is a conscientious clinic, but there are many facilities where nurses perform treatments.

It is a treatment that has little selectivity for sweat gland destruction and a large amount of heat damage to normal tissues.

1% more satisfied with 95 times ... that is absolutely impossible.

No swelling or pain ... Most of the patients who received Miradry suffer from intense, long lasting pain.

Recently, some medical institutions have been recognized to be treated with HIFU in recognition of the very low therapeutic effect of Miradry.

I would like to ask what manufacturers think about the effectiveness of Miradry alone.

It is strongly recommended that you consider carefully before taking Miradry.

I think view hot is the same.