Risk of lurking in my side / hyperhidrosis surgery

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Aside from the treatment of hyperhidrosis, a number of surgical methods have been created in the long history of medicine.


Suction method

Ultrasonic method

laser? ? ?

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Neither of these is definitive, and the current surgical procedure is called the Senju method. A method of removing the apocrine sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and eccrine sweat glands by surgically removing the tissue behind the skin by incising and inverting the skin. is.

If you do it over a wide area, you can expect great results, but there is definitely a big risk.

Blood type formation

Skin necrosis

Mass formation


Cavity formation by skin contraction

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You can only remove the center of the cocoon

The surroundings can hardly be removed.

For this reason, it is quite impossible to perform in the outpatient department, and it is necessary to have a strong fixation such as a double tie-over similar to a skin graft after hospitalization.

If not fixed firmly, blood species will be formed and the nutrient supply to the skin will be hindered, causing extensive necrosis.

If extensive necrosis occurs, it may become ugly scarring and upper arm elevation may be restricted due to contracture.

Doctors who have had surgery for many years have had this experience.

This is because the skin may not be able to maintain the dark line due to not only the skill of the doctor but also the patient's body movement.

For this reason, surgery that is less effective than risk is not recommended.

Even without surgery, aside and hyperhidrosis will definitely improve.

No need for Mira Dry or View Hot.

The EL method is the only one that can produce a permanent and reliable effect with very little risk and downtime.

There is a medical institution that has been advertised to recommend cheap treatment when surgery is effective on my side / hyperhidrosis surgery, but a skillful surgeon who performs skills that is truly effective, safe, and reliable There is a big question.

If you are not confident, do you treat with insurance and dodge the patient's complaints? There may be no help for it.

In any case, we recommend careful consideration without being fond of advertising on HP.