Aside from the risk of surgical anesthesia

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This year, there was a fatal accident due to local anesthesia before breast augmentation at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Nagoya.

In the past, there was a fatal accident in a famous major cosmetic surgery clinic due to local anesthesia.

As far as I know, more than 25 patients who have been treated as cosmetic surgeons for over 25 years have suffered serious accidents, including fatal accidents, from local anesthesia at cosmetic surgery clinics.


Lidocaine hydrochloride Product name: Xylocaine

It is an essential local anesthetic for cosmetic surgery.

Many doctors use 2% anesthesia for Miradry, which requires surgery and time.


Maximum dose

 Extreme amount of xylocaine (single use amount) = 4.5 mg / kg

This is a small amount. For example, when 1% is used, the weight is 60kg and 27cc. Therefore, use 0.5% if you need to use more than this (such as a big wound).

What happens if you use 30% of 2% xylocaine on both sides of the heel ... If you exceed the extreme amount, you will be addicted to xylocaine.

This risk is certainly low if a preparation with epinephrine is used, but dehydrated patients, children and the elderly are risk factors.

In the EL method, a concentration of 0.2% is sufficient, and the dose is about 15cc.

This is because 2% xylocaine is generally used, and much less xylocaine is used and much safer than dental treatment.

Unlike xylocaine shocks, xylocaine addiction can be avoided if it occurs because of a doctor's lack of knowledge or carelessness.

Careful administration of xylocaine in the treatment of my hyperhidrosis is indispensable, but there seems to be a medical institution that is treated with care.

Anesthesia with treatments other than EL may not be a no-risk even if you see a fatal accident caused by xylocaine poisoning before surgery for hyperhidrosis in the past.

In addition, xylocaine injection has a difference with the PH of living tissues and is accompanied by pain during infiltration of the drug solution.

In the EL method, PH is adjusted by Mayron, and the pain of anesthesia is reduced to the extent that even children can hardly complain.

Treatment from the patient's side needs to consider the safety and pain of local anesthesia.