Wakiga cream

Wakiga and hyperhidrosis treatment consideration

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Participating in the 105 Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society was an opportunity to exchange opinions, information exchange, treatment, and treatment equipment with many teachers and contractors.


This is also related to patients who have recently received Mira Dry and View Hot treatment, who have no effect, and who can come to re-treatment with strong pain and long downtime.


Is Miradry alone really 95% of patients satisfied permanently?


I came to the conclusion that it was never possible.

Many problems with Miradry have been pointed out among the contractors, and there seems to be some doubt from the installation facilities.


Of course it is not ineffective


1: What about no downtime?

2: Facilities where nurses operate are out of the question

3: Many recurrences Long-term prognosis is not followed

4: There is too much difference between the content being promoted in the advertisement and the actual effect and downtime


Several related companies pointed out the problem.


Can I be cured without surgery? It ’s attractive.

However, the ugly phrase in PR using HP and the Internet seems to be different from the current situation.

I think it's important to watch out.