Is Miradry an ideal treatment device?

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I purchased plastic surgery extra number 2016VOL59.

Wakiga was a special issue on the treatment of hyperhidrosis.


Although there was a description of Miradry, the content was quite questionable as a specialist.

Although it is an academic story, it is practiced in the same way at clinical sites and in many medical institutions.

First of all, anesthesia is a surprising amount because there is a description of 60cc injection of the mixed solution on one side.

In EL method, only about 10cc per side

Is it necessary to actually use that 6 times?


Postoperatively, there is postoperative pain but self-control with the use of analgesics. Is described.

First of all, there is no pain in the EL method and no painkillers are required.

It is a treatment that damages your skin so much that you have to use a painkiller.

Aside from surgery, I have never used painkillers in the cases that I have done so far.

Miradry is more painful than surgery ...

If pain occurs during surgery, blood formation is suspected.


No scars left ...? ? ?

Semi-permanent ... isn't it permanent? ? ?


The written expression is questionable from a specialist.

Semi-permanent treatment means that a permanent effect cannot be obtained.

Increasingly the problem will be closed up.


“Mira Dry carefully. ]


The truth that we want to deliver to many patients as a specialist.