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About Mira Dry

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Is Miradry expected to be effective? ? ?

Don't get me wrong.

Miradry is an effective treatment with theoretical support and academic support, with theoretically solid cooling, methods, and system-based treatment.




The question is whether the PR method and the operator who uses Miradry are doctors.

In addition, the effective rate that seems to be an excess of effectiveness in the treatment with 1 times.

PR with little downtime


Is this a problem from the consultations of many patients who come to the hospital due to recurrence? Is to think.


A specialist may perform the Miradry multiple times, follow it closely, and also tell the patient about the downtime.

Often it is misunderstood that I'm telling you that Miradry is dangerous and ineffective to pick up on Miradry, and that it is necessary to check the facts carefully before undergoing treatment.


If at least nurses perform treatment with Miradry, I think that it is not correct medical care because of the problem before the effect.